Filing Index Tabs DONAU, PP, 2x40mm/25x45mm, 2x40/1x50 tabs, assorted colours

Filing Index Tabs , PP, 2x40mm/25x45mm, 2x40/1x50 tabs, assorted colours

a DONAU 7559001PL-99CPV:22816300-6

  • ideal for leaving messages in the office and home;
  • 2 pads of 40 sheets in size 12x45mm;
  • 1 sheet of 50 sheets in size 25x45mm;
  • made of PP foil with a thickness of 60μ m;
  • reusable, thin;
  • you can write on them with fine tip pen or permanent markers;
  • dispenser made of PP;
  • tabs in rich, vibrant colours;
  • adhesive removable with water;
  • assorted colours

  • Certyfikat zgodności opisu produktu z rzeczywistością
  • thickness

Prices tax incl.

13,50 PLNaverage

16,01 PLNmaximum

12,15 PLNminimum

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