Polyester Labels APLI, 63, 5x29. 6mm, rounded, silver, 20 sheets

Polyester Labels , 63, 5x29. 6mm, rounded, silver, 20 sheets

a APLI AP10070CPV:30192800-9

  • self-adhesive labels made of matt polyester, resistant to weather conditions, suitable for laser printers and photocopiers;
  • to identify the mail, CDs/DVDs and outer identification;
  • label size: 63.5x29.6mm;
  • number of labels on the sheet: 27;
  • temperature of use: from -20°C to 100°C;
  • for sticking to electronic & metal devices, etc.;
  • product made of materials suitable for recycling
  • free program to design and print APLI SOFT labels, compatible with Windows 7, available on apli.com and pbspolska.eu;
  • 20 sheets in sales unit;
  • colour: silver

  • Certyfikat zgodności opisu produktu z rzeczywistością
  • sheets in sales unit
  • polyester
  • aplikacja kompatibilna z Windows7
  • number / layout of labels on a sheet
  • laser printer
  • photocopiers

Prices tax incl.

178,19 PLNaverage

211,34 PLNmaximum

160,40 PLNminimum

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