Self-adhesive Pad DONAU Eco, 101x76mm, 1x100 sheets, light yellow

Self-adhesive Pad , 101x76mm, 1x100 sheets, light yellow

a DONAU ECO 7594001PL-11CPV:22816300-6

  • universal memo sheets, yellow-neutral colour,xxx coloured memo sheets, functional and eco-friendly;
  • Z-Notes system means a pile of sheets, zig-zag folded;
  • number of sheets: 16x100; size 76x76mm,
  • 80gsm;
  • product and packaging made from 100% recyclable waste, from entirely decoloured recycled fibre; packaged without separate foil, in overall ecological cardboard, made of undyed and unbleached cardboard;
  • after pulling one sheet from the dispenser, the following one slides out automatically, so
  • even while talking on the phone you are able to pull out the sheet and note the information;
  • BLUE ANGEL certificate;
  • 16 pieces in sales unit;
  • assorted colours;

  • Certyfikat zgodności opisu produktu z rzeczywistością
  • weight
  • Zielony Punkt (Der Grüne Punkt) - participation in the waste recycling and recovery system resulting from the provisions of Poli

Prices tax incl.

2,60 PLNaverage

3,46 PLNmaximum

2,03 PLNminimum

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