Elasticated File Box DONAU, PP, A4/30, blue

Elasticated File Box , PP, A4/30, blue

a DONAU 2075001PL-10CPV:22852000-7

  • extended file folder;
  • made of hardened cardboars with a thickness of 1.7mm;
  • coated in eco-friendly PP foil with a thickness of 100μm;
  • white inner coating of 100gsm;
  • capacity: about 230 sheets, 80 gsm;
  • with round black elastic band along the file for closure;
  • two short sides made of plastic, milky colour;
  • spine width: 30mm
  • format: A4
  • size: 30x320x240mm
  • colour: blue

  • Certyfikat zgodności opisu produktu z rzeczywistością
  • thickness
  • Zielony Punkt (Der Grüne Punkt) - participation in the waste recycling and recovery system resulting from the provisions of Poli

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10,39 PLNmaximum

8,40 PLNminimum

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