Clip Frame DONAU, perspex, B1, 700x1000mm

Clip Frame , perspex, B1, 700x1000mm

a DONAU 5624001PL-00CPV:39298200-9

  • front side made of durable and safe plexiglass, 1mm thick;
  • back side made of HDF panel, 3mm thick;
  • flat connecting clips; after hanging does not stick out of the wall;
  • ideal for exhibiting diplomas, certificates, photos;
  • packed individually in protective cardboard; plexiglass secured on both sides with protective foil; edges of HDF plate painted white;
  • B1 format, size 700x1000mm
  • the possibility of hanging vertically and horizontally, resistant to bending
  • packed individually in protective cardboard,

  • Certyfikat zgodności opisu produktu z rzeczywistością
  • sheets in sales unit

Prices tax incl.

74,29 PLNaverage

85,64 PLNmaximum

65,93 PLNminimum

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